Flowers and Bugs

Capturing striking images in my garden or in mother nature is the greatest inspiration to paint and show the beauty that surrounds us

Monarch Caterpillar Acrylics on canvas 18x24 sold

Monarch Butterfly Oil on canvas 18x24 sold

Lotus Flowers oil on canvas 36x24 sold

Sunny Days Acrylics on canvas 16x20 sold

Yellow Canna Oil on canvas 30x24

Red Canna Oil on Canvas 18x14

Spring is here Oil on canvas 18x24 sold

Great Spangled Fritillary on Marigolds Oil on canvas 15x30 donated

Angelica Oil on canvas 24x18 sold

Passiflora incarnata oil on canvas 18x24

Blue Flag Iris Acrylics on canvas 18x24 sold

Spice Bush Swallowtail Oil on canvas 18x24 sold

Waterlily Oil on Canvas 18x14 gift

Himalayan Poppy Oil on canvas 24x18

Trumpet Flower Oil on canvas 24x18

Proud Jacks Acrylics on canvas


Winter Aconite Seeds Acrylics on Canvas 20x24

Shasta Daisy Oil on canvas 18x24 sold

Dragonfly oil on canvas 15x30

M&Ms May Apples & Mushrooms 24x30

Blue Poppy Oil on canvas 10x8

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