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Plant Life 

Striking images of plants are a great inspiration to capture

the beauty that surrounds us

Price includes frame

Red Lilies 24"x24"

Red Lilies 24"x24" Oil SOLD

Pitcher Plants 24"x24"

Pitcher Plants 24"x24" Oil $575

Spicebush Swallowtail on Cardinal Flower 14"x11"

Spicebush Swallowtail on Cardinal Flower 14"x11" Oil $200

Shooting Star 14"x11"

Shooting Star 14"x11" Oil $200

Bloodroot 8"x6"

Bloodroot 8"x6" Oil $70

Bigleaf Magnolia 15"x30"

Bigleaf Magnolia 15"x30" Oil $500

Tulip Poplar 8"x10"

Tulip Poplar 8"x10" Oil $105

Himalayan Balsam 8"x10"

Himalayan Balsam 8"x10" Oil $105

Columbines 8"x10"

Columbines 8"x10" Oil $140


Azaleas at Jenkins Arboretum 18"x24" Oil $560


Trumpet Vine 11"x14" Oil $160


Hollyhock 30"x15" Oil $490


Pink Dogwood 14"x18" Oil $300


Lavender Clematis 12"x9" Oil $140

Bee on Echinacea 8"x10" Oil $105

25 Blue Poppy Oil on canvas 10x8 2013.JPG


Blue Poppy 8"x10" Oil $105

16 Himalayan Poppy Oil on canvas 24x18 2012.JPG

Himalayan Poppy 18"x24" Oil $450

Blue Hydrangea 6"x8"

Blue Hydrangea 6"x8" Oil $70

Pink Waterlily 6"x8"

Pink Waterlily 6"x8" Oil $70

7 Blue Flag Iris Acrylics on canvas 18x24 2010.JPG

Blue Flag Iris 18"x24" Acrylic $350


Sweet Shrub 12"x16" Watercolor $200

Intoxicating 9"x12"

Toxic Mushrooms 11"x14"Oil/cold wax $200

49 Chicken of the Woods Oil on canvas 16x20 2017.JPG

Chicken of the Woods 16"x20" $200

6 Winter Aconite Seeds Acrylics on Canvas 20x24 2009.JPG

Winter Aconite Seeds 18"x24" $350

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