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About Sabine Rehm


Sabine Rehm earned a successful living as veterinary pathologist and research scientist for 30 years.  In this profession, she was very skilled at recognizing patterns, changes in visual details and staining properties in animal tissues at the microscopic level.  She always had a keen interest in photography, a critical aspect in publishing her scientific work.  


In 2010, Sabine was privileged to turn a new page, making art an important part of her life.  Her art education included classes locally at the Main Line School Night, Main Line Art Center and the Wayne Art Center where she also served as volunteer.  In addition, she attended workshops and participates in art and critique groups.  Sabine is a member of the Delaware Valley Art League, the Wayne Art Center and Historic Yellow Springs. 


Sabine's painting style is representative, sometimes with a mystical appeal, reflecting flowers, the ocean and animals.  She is inspired by mother nature from her large woodland garden with trails, ponds and benches. Recently, Sabine was introduced to En Plein Air painting by the artist Randall Graham and so she painted outside at Valley Forge, Chanticleer and local farms. 


Sabine enjoys participating in art shows and is very encouraged that her work has been chosen for many juried shows along the Main Line and in Philadelphia.  She was given several awards, including the one shown here at the Wayne Art Center for "Shells on the Beach" in 2019.  Sabine feels her life is greatly enriched making new friends in the art world, finding her work appreciated and she is eager to advance her skills.

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